About the Lab

Dr. Justine McDermott

Head Chiropractor

Justine is principal Chiropractor at Back to Balance and founder Floor & Core Lab.

A dedicated family woman and sports enthusiast, Justine was wowed by the potential she saw in the Emsculpt and Emsella to help her clients. Initially using the Emsella to rehab her own pelvic floor instability.

Justine is passionate about helping all people to achieve their best pain free, high performance life.

She is also a certified Applied Kinesiologist, NET and TBM practitioner.

READY for results?

A long established Chiropractic and therapies clinic, we have heard first-hand about women’s struggles with incontinence, both amongst aging women and women with young children, who experience stress related incontinence issues. When we were presented with the Emsella “Kegel Throne” we knew instantly that this amazing piece of technology could positively effect the lives of so many of our clients and also allow us to help others we haven’t met yet!

It was through this journey that were also introduced to the Emsculpt and immediately saw the opportunity to drive deeper results for clients with chronic back pain, core instability and gluteal deficiencies.

And so, The Floor & Core Lab was born! A drop in clinic that can turn you life around… in weeks!

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